Haan Hand Sanitizer


Keep your hands clean and moisturized with our Haanitizer Pocket in just a few seconds. Kill 99.99% of most common germs and bacteria with a small spray from the bottle which is 100% Recyclable.

Our formula is a mix of 65% Alcohol, fragrance and aloe vera – keeping germs and bacteria away without drying your hands.



30ml Liquid sanitizing spray.

Haan is a personal care brand committed to raising awareness about the global water crisis.The Haan company have committed 20% of their yearly profits to various water charity projects in Africa. This amazing commitment means that for every Haan hand sanitizer sold, it provides around 134 litres of clean water for small rural communities across the African continent who previously would not have access to this. So far over 2.31 million litres of water have been provided, with 4 wells built and around 1,417 people benefitting from this amazing scheme.

Haan products are also highly moisturising their products “enhance the softness of your hands by using fast-absorbing and non-sticky formula. The triclosan and parabens-free cleaner is naturally formulated with 65% of Ethanol Alcohol and aloe vera, which avoids a drying feeling and leaves your skin moisturized instead”.

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Sunset Fleur, Citrus Noon, Wood Night


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