Plant Hanger


Plant hangers come with a silver pot included, meaning all you need to do is choose a colour.
Select from 3 sizes:
S - 60 cm - 90 cm
M - 90 cm - 100 cm
L - 100 cm - 125cm
Square (flat) Knot
Spiral Knot
Colours available:
Black (Braided Cord)
Mustard (Braided Cord)
Grey (Braided Cord)
Teal (Braided Cord)
Peach (Braided Cord)
Mint (Braided Cord)
Tangerine (Braided Cord)
Wine (Braided Cord)
Natural (Cotton Rope)
Custom orders are available, if you need a custom length, colour or style, please contact hazel@tjl2.com before placing your order.

Additional information


S, M, L


Natural, Black, Mustard, Grey, Teal, Wine, Tangerine


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