Vik 100% Recycled Plastic Sunglasses – Honey

It starts with Vik and ends with Tor! These Vik sunglasses come with a transparent honey tinted frame and black lens and are a wider fit to cousin Tower 8.

These sunglasses are not only made from recycled plastic but come with a pouch made out of recycled PET-bottles!  If that wasn’t enough, the sunglasses plastic packaging is also recyclable and made out of corn.

For sunny days and hungover afternoons. Designed in Sweden, made for everywhere.


CHPO is a watch and sunglasses brand founded in Sweden and inspired by the love of skateboarding, music and art. CHPO take a strong social stance on social equality and as part of their 'Made for Everywhere' ethos, they do collaborations every season with different non-profit or charity organisations where profits are donated to their cause.

This brand offers style, fantastic quality products and great social values at prices anyone can affords.



Fit: Medium/Large

Measurements: 48mm/14mm/143mm

Protection: UV400


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